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Brand20 Index for the week of 26th July 2008

Brand20 Index is now live on our site with the latest videos for the week. The main highlights of this week are:


Top Gear is a huge show for automobiles. With millions of people religiously watching the show on Television, Online and on Peer-to-Peer, it can have a huge brand impact. This weeks top video for Toyota was a clip of a previous show where the Top Gear team destroys a pick up truck. Check out for yourself if this truck is really the toughest vehicle money can buy.


Pilobolus dance theatre does this wonderful and creative piece for Hyundai that was the most viewed video for the Brand. Pilobolus is a famous group and Hyundai does an excellent job in tapping their creative to promote their message: Flexible, Agile and for whatever shape life takes. Check it out:

Auto queries on online video platforms are increasing daily. People are accessing this highly interactive medium to see their favorite cars or the get reviews of the cars they are planning to purchase. Car makers need to get onto this band wagon and shape the message and persona of the car before anyone else does. They need to use advanced video engagement technology like Mimic or Pulse to get right in front of this desired audience on these platforms and position the content alongside other videos or messages.

Honda ambushes top BMW viral


This weeks top video for BMW in Brand20 index surprised us, its a beautiful video of the Kinetic Sculpture at the BMW museum and undoubtedly getting a lot of views for BMW this week. The interesting part is that, Honda is advertising along side and in the video. A few second into the video you notice an ad of the Honda Pilot, and on the right side a contest promotion by Honda.


There are thousands of videos uploaded every day for autos on YouTube, Dailymotion, MySpace and other platforms. It is imperative for brands to engage this new medium and claim these videos before other companies or competitors can capitalize on a viral video for your brand. This is a classic example, Honda Ad is showing up on all the top videos for autos, and with a significant surge of people looking for auto videos online, this is a great way to engage that audience.

Where the hell is Mario? [Nintendo]

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Little background. “Where the hell is Matt?” is a viral video sensation about a 31 year old programmer from Australia who decided one day that sitting in a cube programming video games was lacking. He quit his job and set out to dance his way through each country on this great planet. Here is the original video: 

Nintendo creates great games that are extremely entertaining for all ages. The neat thing is that users are creating videos for the Nintendo brand name and we have a great insight in how the brand is being shaped and discussed within Scope. After the Wii fit hit, we noticed this great video about Nintendo’s Mario dancing through classic Nintendo 16-bit games in a spoof of Matt’s video. It is well done and quite cool. Check it out:

NBC Heroes’ Peer to Peer audience awaits season 3


Heroes is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded shows online and one that we track in our multi platform video measurement and audience engagement platform Scope. With the hype building for the new season of Heroes premiering in September 2008, we decided to put the last two seasons under microscope and see what were the total downloads for each show. See below for a list of the most popular shows of Heroes.

Picture 3.png

The table above is just a sample snapshot taken from the Scope for Heroes consumption globally and in the United States. With over 2,500 torrent files uploaded online for Heroes, it was downloaded over 14.5 million times by consumers worldwide. France was the top country of download for Heroes with about 7 million downloads followed by United Kingdom and United States with 3.6 million and 3.2 million downloads for the show so far. As you can see, the demand for Season 2 after the amazing season finale was huge and the first episode of Season 2 was the most downloaded show so far for Heroes with over 1.3 million downloads worldwide just for that one show alone. We will be eagerly watching the next season and how it debuts online and on peer to peer.

One of the great things about Scope is that we not only track peer-to-peer but also all the viral video platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion and tons of other sites out there. Check out this Fan made trailer of Heroes Season 3:

For any further information on the metrics or access to raw data, please contact us.

Brand20 Index for the week of 5th July 2008

Your favorite Brand20 index is back with exciting new videos. The highlights of this weeks chart are:


So you think the hybrid Toyota Prius is an efficient car? Top Gear turned its powerful spotlight to the Toyota Prius. The folks over at Top Gear take Prius for a spin and compare its fuel efficiency to a BMW M3. No prizes for guessing which car was most economic.

Taco Bell:

Taco Bell missed the viral video boat by not cashing in on the famous user generated Taco Bell Rap. McDonald’s was quick to react and pushed out their own version of the McNugget Rap which became an instant hit. Taco Bell has now learned to ride the wave and has made this viral based on the huge hit, Frozen Grand Central.

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