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Second time is a charm for Fox’s Fringe by JJ Abrams

Fall lineup is the most eagerly awaited season on peer-to-peer networks as a lot of new shows hit the air. One of the most awaited show for Fall was Fringe by JJ Abrams on Fox. The downloads sky rocketed for the second episode of the show and the audience gave Fringe another shot. This is an unusual trend specially for TV shows as audience tends to move away to follow other shows. A total of 128 individual torrent files have been uploaded for the show so far on major Peer-to-Peer sites. We are tracking every download of the show in Scope and below is a brief summary.

Picture 3.png

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

Online Video Metrics for Sarah Palin & Charlie Gibson Interview

The first interview with Sarah Palin has been aired by ABC and the videos are rolling across a wide variety of video platforms that Scope Video Metrics Platform monitors. Here is the first set of numbers for the first part of the interview:


So far the rate of viewing is picking up rapidly. When I flicked my eyes, the rate stood at 12,735 views per hour and had garnered 733,107 views so far on active videos (videos not deleted) as of September 12, 2008.

Presidential Elections Online Video Summary

Oh yea! Opened by inbox and got a sweet gift from the art department this afternoon. A nice graphic summarizing the state of the online video viewing situation in regards to our two presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain. Barack Obama has done a fantastic job of engaging social media and online video since the primary season but since Sarah Palin entered the fray, John McCain has also been padding his online video portfolio.

We are so fortunate to have such a powerful online video metrics platform at our disposal where we can track on a very global scale what is happening with brands, content, music, and even presidential candidates. We are tracking over 200 million videos and every piece of interaction data around them in realtime. The Scope Video Metrics Platform also gives us the amazing ability to drill down on a very granular level and deliver the behavior metrics of viewers on any given video platform. This gives us amazing insights on how to create content, optimize it, and position it perfectly on a given video platform. Truly powerful indeed.

We are planning a series of posts and infographics exploring the issues in this election but we thought we would kick things off with a summary graphic. Below is a break down of the state of each candidate’s videos online. We show you the views, comments, viewing rate, gender, age, and what platforms are key for each candidate. Keep in mind the candidate himself might have uploaded the video or someone else could have done the same. In either case, Scope can identify videos using our MultiMatch algorithms.


Some interesting things to note. Barack Obama attracted more female viewers than John McCain which I thought was very interesting. You would think after John McCain picked Sarah Palin, female viewers would take a look at the McCain ticket to see what she is all about but Obama is holding on steadily to the female demographic by about 5 percentage points.


On the age front, Barack Obama is pulling in more younger viewers while McCain is pulling in a slightly older bunch which is to be expected. So on that note, enjoy the information and stay tuned to more posts on this very exciting presidential election. We have a series of great posts coming up that really dives in to the issues.


Scope 3 Beta
Scope 3 is coming. So if you are a digital agency, brand, or content producer and your bread and butter is video, then sign up for the Scope 3 development newsletter to keep up to date on developments and release information. You can sign up here

Stand Up to Cancer hits the right online video demographics

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An unusual alliance of the three Television networks, NBC, CBS & ABC dedicated their Friday night prime time slot to Cancer fundraiser in Los Angeles. It was a star studded event featuring Hollywood celebrities, Lance Armstrong and others. Also Barack Obama and John McCain made appearances through video and proposed their plans for fighting cancer which is killing millions of people in US and around the world. We fired up Scope and decided to track the viewership of this event online and see how the audience engaged with the videos uploaded related to the event. Below are some vital stats for the event from the Scope metrics platform.

Picture 2.png

Top Video for the event

Official Ad

Top User Uploaded video

When compared to the videos uploaded for Cancer Research, I think this event has certainly added to the cause. Randy Pausch was the biggest champion for online users in creating awareness about lack of funding for cancer research in the US. Below is a brief summary of the videos found for the topic from the Scope metrics platform.

Picture 1.png

If you missed out on this one, there are variety of video platforms you can check out that have videos on this event but the best place for this topic is over at YouTube. Over 100,000,0000 million dollars have been donated to the cause, so don’t forget to donate your bit.

Scope 3 Beta is coming. Online video measurement, SEO, and promotion will never be the same

There is a lot of video out there and truly understanding what is going on in the landscape of video is a tough tough job. Scope 3 is around the bend and it gives you an entire seamless suite of video measurement, SEO, and promotion features that will power every aspect of video. No longer will you be lost in the video creation process. No longer will you be lost in identifying new markets or how to engage them.

Scope 3 is coming

So if you are a digital agency or content creator and your bread and butter is video, then sign up for the Scope 3 beta newsletter and get updates on new developments and general availability.  Click here.

NBC Heroes’ Peer to Peer audience awaits season 3


Heroes is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded shows online and one that we track in our multi platform video measurement and audience engagement platform Scope. With the hype building for the new season of Heroes premiering in September 2008, we decided to put the last two seasons under microscope and see what were the total downloads for each show. See below for a list of the most popular shows of Heroes.

Picture 3.png

The table above is just a sample snapshot taken from the Scope for Heroes consumption globally and in the United States. With over 2,500 torrent files uploaded online for Heroes, it was downloaded over 14.5 million times by consumers worldwide. France was the top country of download for Heroes with about 7 million downloads followed by United Kingdom and United States with 3.6 million and 3.2 million downloads for the show so far. As you can see, the demand for Season 2 after the amazing season finale was huge and the first episode of Season 2 was the most downloaded show so far for Heroes with over 1.3 million downloads worldwide just for that one show alone. We will be eagerly watching the next season and how it debuts online and on peer to peer.

One of the great things about Scope is that we not only track peer-to-peer but also all the viral video platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion and tons of other sites out there. Check out this Fan made trailer of Heroes Season 3:

For any further information on the metrics or access to raw data, please contact us.

HTC’s “Set your fingers free” descends into chaos

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We do a lot of video monitoring of cell phone makers and one of them we monitor is HTC. HTC released a great spot last month of fingers going through various landscapes. Yes, you read right…fingers. The ad spot was for HTC’s Touch cell phone which is positioned as a competitor to Apple’s iPhone. The videos posted online quickly turned into a deathwatch between PC and Mac fanboys:

The great thing about Scope Video is that we can do great research on which ad formats work in this cut throat market. Clearly, this did not do well online and for good reason.

dM launches Brand20 Index - Measuring the online video presence of the biggest brands

There are hundreds of millions of videos out there, ever wonder what brands are really engaging online video and doing a good job? We decided to take a look. We picked our favorite twenty brands and were quite surprised at what we got when we plugged the campaigns into Scope. 


Brand20 Splash Big 


So starting this week, we are launching the Brand20 Index. Every week a bunch of our highly trained, excited, and motivated analysts will log into Scope to compile a list of how these twenty brands are fairing in the world of online video. This is a huge deal because a lot of people are moving away from watching TV and going online to watch video in all sorts of places. So, having an online video strategy when it comes to brand management and promotion is key.


How it works 


The easiest way to make this list is to just pick the top video for X brands and make our chart that way. But that is not good enough because what if, for example, Nokia has a video with 10 million but there are only 2 videos related to Nokia. On the other hand a brand like BMW has a top video with 800,000 views but has 6,000 related videos. As you can quickly guess, BMW as a whole has more views.


What we wanted to do was aggregate thousands of videos that are related to a brand and deliver the aggregate stream count. So that is exactly what we did and with the help of Scope, we were able to do it effortlessly. The great thing about Scope is that it does most of the heavy lifting for us. It 1) Indexes all the videos related to our campaign 2) Monitors millions of videos across multiple platforms in realtime 3) Delivers insights into our campaigns such as traffic, unified demographics, and positioning information. In a few clicks, we know where our audience is, how to target them, and how to promote our newly published videos. 


The brands we picked 


The brands were chosen by polling our analysts. These are the brands that will make up the twenty:  BMW, Disney, Audi, Nike, Pepsi, Toyota, Mercedes, Sony, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, EBay, McDonald’s, Budweiser, Hyndai, Motorola, Taco Bell, Chrysler, Dell, Fedex, and American Express.


Suggesting brands


Don’t like one of the brands on there? Want another brand listed and tracked instead? Well here is your chance. Use the comment section on our blog to let us know your thoughts and if you have a suggestion for another brand, speak out! The more vocal people are about another brand, the higher the chance it makes it on the list. 


What to expect next week 


This is the first chart so it is sorted by all time view streams. But starting next week, we will use this chart as a reference point and sort the list of how many streams the twenty brands received for the week.  So we hope you enjoy our first chart. Be sure to click the “Top Video” link to take a look at what the top video is. There is definitely a wide range of videos from professionally created adverts to user generated content. It is truly amazing to see that anyone can have a profound effect on a brand.

Online TV Viewing Doubles, Replaces News as Top Web Content

General, Media, Research — vishal @ 7:25 pm

Just how fast is online video growing? Fast and the numbers speak for themselves. Here is a great article about where we can see video consumption headed:

  • Approximately half of online consumers sometimes watch their favorite shows online.
  • Watching TV online has now replaced news as the most widely viewed content online.
  • The top two reasons for watching TV on internet:
    • More than three out of five online TV viewers cite personal convenience as the major reason for watching TV broadcasts online. 
    • More than one-third cite a wish to avoid watching television commercials (other reasons cited include portability and a preference for computer viewing).
  • The proportion of internet users who catch up online on missed TV content has increased to 42% from 30% a year ago.
  • Four out of every five online viewers say that watching TV programs online has not changed their television viewing habits, but a small percentage claim that their traditional television viewing has decreased.
  • The top methods for viewing broadcasts online are streaming and free downloading: About two-thirds of viewers stream online content, more than 40% download content for free.

Complete Article

Why Clients Withhold Ad Spending Online

Advertising, Research — raj @ 10:46 pm

People spend 10x the amount of time watching videos and listening to music than they do watching TV and listening to the radio. While TV ad spending is going down, as audience leaves for the internet, online video ad spending has grown far slower. Do you know why? Well we know the answer and we have been beating the drum for quite some time. It is the lack of metrics! I found this great article that has done done some serious research by polling the biggest names in the ad business to find out why they are keeping the wallets close but this passage stood out:

“McKinsey polled 410 marketing executives in five sectors, and among those already advertising online, 52 percent said “insufficient metrics to measure impactâ€? was the biggest barrier, followed by insufficient in-house capabilities (41 percent), the difficulty of convincing management (33 percent), limited reach of digital tools (24 percent) and insufficient capabilities at agency (18 percent).”

Amazing. These are the things holding back the ad industry and we couldn’t agree more. You can read the complete article here

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