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Online Video Metrics for Sarah Palin & Charlie Gibson Interview

The first interview with Sarah Palin has been aired by ABC and the videos are rolling across a wide variety of video platforms that Scope Video Metrics Platform monitors. Here is the first set of numbers for the first part of the interview:


So far the rate of viewing is picking up rapidly. When I flicked my eyes, the rate stood at 12,735 views per hour and had garnered 733,107 views so far on active videos (videos not deleted) as of September 12, 2008.

Presidential Elections Online Video Summary

Oh yea! Opened by inbox and got a sweet gift from the art department this afternoon. A nice graphic summarizing the state of the online video viewing situation in regards to our two presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain. Barack Obama has done a fantastic job of engaging social media and online video since the primary season but since Sarah Palin entered the fray, John McCain has also been padding his online video portfolio.

We are so fortunate to have such a powerful online video metrics platform at our disposal where we can track on a very global scale what is happening with brands, content, music, and even presidential candidates. We are tracking over 200 million videos and every piece of interaction data around them in realtime. The Scope Video Metrics Platform also gives us the amazing ability to drill down on a very granular level and deliver the behavior metrics of viewers on any given video platform. This gives us amazing insights on how to create content, optimize it, and position it perfectly on a given video platform. Truly powerful indeed.

We are planning a series of posts and infographics exploring the issues in this election but we thought we would kick things off with a summary graphic. Below is a break down of the state of each candidate’s videos online. We show you the views, comments, viewing rate, gender, age, and what platforms are key for each candidate. Keep in mind the candidate himself might have uploaded the video or someone else could have done the same. In either case, Scope can identify videos using our MultiMatch algorithms.


Some interesting things to note. Barack Obama attracted more female viewers than John McCain which I thought was very interesting. You would think after John McCain picked Sarah Palin, female viewers would take a look at the McCain ticket to see what she is all about but Obama is holding on steadily to the female demographic by about 5 percentage points.


On the age front, Barack Obama is pulling in more younger viewers while McCain is pulling in a slightly older bunch which is to be expected. So on that note, enjoy the information and stay tuned to more posts on this very exciting presidential election. We have a series of great posts coming up that really dives in to the issues.


Scope 3 Beta
Scope 3 is coming. So if you are a digital agency, brand, or content producer and your bread and butter is video, then sign up for the Scope 3 development newsletter to keep up to date on developments and release information. You can sign up here

Beijing Olympics - Opening Ceremony vs Closing Ceremony - Online Video Viewership Comparison

First, both the ceremonies were just amazing and was a feast for the eyes. Its hard to compares such events but we have some data from our Scope Video platform to put them against each other. We decided to compare the online video viewership of both the events. Almost a week after the games are over, the aggregate videos are still getting about 130k views per day across close to 70 video sites. Below is the breakdown of the total videos uploaded for these events in the Olympics.


The traffic stats for both these ceremonies are very similar as of today. On the 25th, after the Olympics concluded, the closing ceremony edged out the opening ceremony by 200k views but soon the viewership leveled off and are receiving approximately 130k views per day.

Picture 2.png

The top 5 countries consuming these videos were located in United States, Great Britain, China, Australia & Canada. Though the closing ceremony was more popular in Australia than Canada. Below is the country breakdown of both the events as observed in the Scope video platform.

Opening Ceremony


Closing Ceremony


Scope 3 Beta is coming. Online video measurement, SEO, and promotion will never be the same

There is a lot of video out there and truly understanding what is going on in the landscape of video is a tough tough job. Scope 3 is around the bend and it gives you an entire seamless suite of video measurement, SEO, and promotion features that will power every aspect of video. No longer will you be lost in the video creation process. No longer will you be lost in identifying new markets or how to engage them.

Scope 3 is coming

So if you are a digital agency or content creator and your bread and butter is video, then sign up for the Scope 3 beta newsletter and get updates on new developments and general availability.  Click here.

Beijing Olympics Online Video Metrics Summary

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Olympics in the world of online video

Beijing Olympics came to an spectacular end in China today. China did not disappoint and the closing ceremony was as lavish and impressive as the opening ceremony and it gave the world an extravaganza to remember. People will be talking for a while about these events and will continue to look for any content possible for the Olympics online.


We were tracking every video and every user interaction from even before the games begun in Scope. The video uploads peaked right on the day one of the events with a significant number of videos coming in for the opening ceremony itself. The ceremonies remain the most watched “event” of the games and the most searched and watched videos online. YouTube received the gold medal as the lion share of those videos were being uploaded to the worlds most popular video sharing destination. YouTube alone has driven over 100m views so far with both live and deleted videos combined and no other site even comes close. The videos spread to over 70 video sharing sites from around the world with most views for those videos coming from United States, Canada, Great Britain and China. Thanks to the timings of the games in China, NBC could not show most of the events live leading to several people uploading full length HDTV quality games on peer-to-peer sites. Over 500 individual torrents were uploaded for the opening ceremony itself getting over 1m downloads so far.

Stay tuned for more interesting facts about the Olympics in the world of online video.

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